Studio Portrait Photography in Fort Collins, CO

10 Tips for your big photo day!


Below are 10 tips to consider before your photo session. As always, feel free to contact me with ideas and/or concerns before your shoot. Can’t wait to see you soon!


Try to be well rested. Especially the kids. If not... don’t worry! A professional photographer is skilled in editing software. Those under-eye bags can be erased! 😉 Don’t worry mamas. We all get them! Same goes for that mountain of a pimple that came up overnight. All can be edited out.


Check out Pintrest for matching family outfit ideas. For a simple classy look, I've found that white shirts and jeans always turn out fantastic! Ladies, avoid spaghetti straps unless you are wearing a strapless bra.  


Avoid bright solid colors. NO neon pinks, yellow, orange or lime greens. Be careful with greens! They can reflect off the face and can give your skin tone a strange hue.


Come with your make-up and hair done. I do have a dedicated bathroom for touch- ups, but we want your time to be spent on taking beautiful photos. Don't be afraid to go a little bolder than usual with your make-up.


A little lip care always makes for better photos for both guys and gals! Bold color, a little gloss, or some chapstick goes a long way. 



Notice your nails. No nail polish is much better than chipped nail polish. Guys, make sure you clean under your nails too.  If you’ll be barefoot, same goes for your toes!


Especially for guys... pluck, trim and/or smooth facial hair. Look a little closer at your eyebrows and ears. Maybe a slight trim is needed? 


 Don't forget to check your shoes! Clean or polish them as needed. 


Eat something before your appointment. Especially kids! Much harder to get authentic smiles when you're hangry! 


Be excited and bring your smile! Get ready to have some fun! Photo shoots should be a positive, fun experience. 

Your excitement will transcend into the photos.